Alex was our miracle baby, the last piece of our family jigsaw! We found out that Alex may have down syndrome early on in the pregnancy, but due to me being told l may never have more kids 5 years previous, the Amniocentesis test with all its risks to the baby was totally out of the question. 2 days after Alex arrived we were given the news he had Trisomy 21. I grew up with my grandmother working in a disabled kids home, so had a lot of experience & knowledge of the journey our family was about to embark on!
But we were not prepared for how amazing, how much love & how proud Alex would make us every single day.
The beginning of lockdown was extremely difficult for Alex, one day he was at school playing & having fun with his friends, seeing his family & having sleep overs, & the next everything was gone. It took a month of adjustments, i had lots of meltdowns & angry verging on violent outbursts. But with lots of love & understanding he finally adjusted to our whole new life & family bubble. Since then Alex has amazed me how resilient he is & our family bond has only grown stronger. He never returned to school when the government gave the go ahead. Like with all mums weather your child is "typical" or additional needs this was a very hard decision to make & keeping him home & safe was top priority.
As we move forward with our whole new normal & making every decision as to what is right for Alex is very daunting for me, but i know he will go forward & make me proud every single day
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