Charlies Down's syndrome diagnosis came late for us and completely out of the blue. I took him to his routine 6 week check at the doctors surgery and came out on a whole new parenting journey. A blood test a few days later confirmed the doctor’s suspicion. Although initial shock kicked in and the feeling of the unknown of what the future held for us we took this new information on board and just made the conscious decided to roll with it, who knows anybody’s path in life. We were parents to a gorgeous little boy who suited his name from the offset, we had one cheeky Charlie on our hands!
9 years on and our boy is still keeping us on our toes – literally! (I have learnt to run faster than I ever thought possible). His energy, determination and love for life is infectious, he is surrounded by amazing family, friends, teachers and football coaches who bring out and support his love for his favorite things in the world which include football, school, Harry Potter, Power rangers, chips and ice cream. So from us to you Charlie – Keep being YOU!
Hugs are like a nest, hugs gives us rest, hugs make us safe cosy and warm and are simply the best!
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