Jaxon was born to entertain. When he was born, and we realised he had Down syndrome, our pediatrician told us give him a name... I don't want to hear anyone talking about "the Down's baby"
We told her his name would be Jaxon Rio Buckmaster and she replied: "with a name like that I expect to see it in lights one day!"
In his six years, Jaxon has appeared in 5 viral videos... The best known being 50 Mums, 50 Kids, 1 extra chromosome.
He loves to perform, he is constantly miming along to his favorite songs and shows. His favorite musicals are School of Rock and Tangled.
He has coped amazingly well with lockdown, having a big family and lots of pets helps.
I would say his biggest success in life is making people happy. He has a natural ability to make people smile.
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