A little poem by Laura's Dad:
"So, you want to have a baby, heh"? - God asked.
"Ok, I'll make it happen!
I'll give you a girl.
An extraordinary girl.
She will bring you joy.
She will bring you happiness
She will bring you peace.
She will teach you things.
She will achieve unachievable
She will amaze you.
She will surprise you.
She will make you proud.
She will adore you.
She will test you.
She will make you a better person.
She will love you.
But, all this won't come easy" - God continued...
"You will suffer.
You will cry.
You will fight.
You will stress.
You will pray.
You will sacrifice.
You will ask questions.
You will doubt...in you..in her...in Me.
You will blame...yourself...the World...Me.
You will be afraid" - God paused here for a while, then he stroked his beard and added:
"But trust in Me and believe!"
And he gave us our beautiful daughter Laura - as he promised!
An extraordinary girl with an extra chromosome.
And you know what? This Old Man, He was right.
She is Impeccable.
She is pure.
She is beautiful.
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