Ryan was diagnosed with Down Syndrome 4 months after he was born. Our first reaction was one of fear and panic. Our dreams for Ryan shattered in an instant. Little did we know that Ryan would become our inspiration and complete our lives.
Three years on he has developed his own inimitable Ryan personality. Cheeky, sometimes stubborn and full of love. His little smile is enough to make your heart melt. Ryan is adorable and an absolute joy.
Although for many Lockdown was difficult, it enabled us as family to be together. In particular, Ryan was able to spend a lot of time with his brother Mitchell who is his hero. During lockdown they developed a very special bond. They played together a lot but like all brothers sometimes they would also fight, which would make us smile as It was usually fearless Ryan who initiated the fight. Mitchell would regularly read and sign nursery rhymes to Ryan who also took his first unaided steps trying to catch his brother.
During lockdown Ryan’s communication and signing has improved immensely, he has learnt to use an IPad and has now started to feed himself. Prior to lockdown Ryan was not yet walking, yet now he runs everywhere and will climb onto tables and chairs all over the house if you take your eyes off him! Ryan is our hero and inspiration, and we thank God every day for giving him to us.
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