When Saajan entered our lives, we never could have imagined the laughter and happiness he’d bring with him. I had assumed it would have an adverse impact on our family – oh how wrong I was! Saajan is the epitome of joy and very quickly became the glue of our entire family. He is our jackpot. His infectious smile and playful personality are guaranteed to melt your heart.
We place no ceiling on Saajan’s dreams and his future. He has changed many perceptions in his 3 years of life and continues to teach us to view the world through his pure lens.
Saajan has thrived during lockdown – he has learnt so many new words and even learnt to walk! It has been heart warming and a pleasure to watch him develop. My favorite thing undoubtedly has been watching his relationship grow and flourish even more with his brother Arjun. They are thick as thieves and inseparable but also fight like typical brothers! They definitely keep me on my toes!
Any time any of us feel tensed, Saajan’s hugs are like our medicine – cosy in an embrace! Saajan loves waking his bro up bright and early for a snuggle!
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